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Player Injury Scheme

This Abbeyknockmoy Hurling Club medical policy has been agreed by the Club Executive and takes effect from the 1st January 2015. 

GAA Injury Scheme

This is a mandatory scheme which provides benefits to players and accredited club personnel performing designated duties in connection with the activities of the Club. The GAA injury Scheme does not seek to compensate fully for injury but to supplement other schemes such as personal accident or private medical insurance. 

It will be assumed that players/parents of juvenile players training with Club teams and putting themselves forward for team selection are familiar with the injury scheme and the club policy on player injury. All players/parents of juvenile players should familiarize themselves with the GAA Injury Scheme and review its features, benefits and exclusions. See for full details of the scheme and to access a claim form. 

Procedure in the event of an injury


The player must inform the team Manager immediately who will record the occurance of the injury. 

If it is an official game the Referee should be informed and the Referee will record same on the Referee’s match report. 

If the injury becomes apparent shortly after the game the player must inform the team Manager immediately who will make a record of the injury. 

The injury requiring medical treatment must be reported to the Club Treasurer by the team Manager within one week of it occurring to ensure payment of GP or A&E costs outlined below. 

Injuries requiring medical treatment

Each player must attend their own Doctor/Dentist as normal for all injuries requiring medical/dental treatment which arise from involvement in training or games for the club. 

On production of an original paid receipt, submitted to the Club Treasurer no later than one month from the time of attendance, the club will contribute €100 towards the costs of attending Accident and Emergency at a public hospital as a result of injuries incurred during involvement in training or games for the club. Players are advised to attend their GP prior to going to A & E. The club will not pay the cost of attending a private hospital. 

Players having attended their G.P. will be reimbursed €40 after a paid receipt is submitted to the club Treasurer, the Treasurer having been informed as above. Medication costs will not be reimbursed by the club. 

In order to receive reimbursement of the above costs club membership must have been paid before 31st March of the year in which the claim is made. 

Players/parents of underage players are advised that it is the responsibility of the player to access and submit the claim form regarding the GAA Injury Scheme. All claim forms must be submitted to the GAA underwriter within 60 days of the injury. The player should be aware that under the scheme they are liable for the first €100 of each claim. 


Abbeyknockmoy Hurling Club will not pay for physiotherapy treatment as the club has limited financial means. Any player who attends for physiotherapy sessions will not be refunded by the club for these cost

It is important that all persons involved with clubs read and understand the attchments below.
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