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Racket Ball Rules 2015



  • Every time the ball is hit, it must strike the front wall before it hits the floor. It is however allowed to hit any of the other walls or roof before it hits the front wall (Note serving is different, see below). 
  • The ball must be returned before it bounces twice for a rally to continue 
  • Only the Racket can be used to strike the ball 
  • When attempting to return a shot, the ball must only be touched once 
  • If the handball hits one of the players before it bounces, or if a player is obstructed, then the point is replayed 
  • Players are allowed to take 3 timeouts (1 minute) in each game 
  • Games can be played up to 3 x 21 aces (adults) 


  • Players must serve, and win the rally before they can score a point When serving, the player must stand behind the short line, and serve the ball over the short line
  • When serving, the ball must always hit the front wall first, otherwise the player loses their serve
    • When serving, players must bounce the ball before they strike it
    • When serving, if the ball hits the service line on rebound from the front wall, then it is a foul serve
    • If any part of a players body crosses outside the service lines during a serve, then this is deemed a foul serve
    • Players are allowed a second serve when the ball is served ‘Long’, ‘Short’, or when it hits three walls before it touches the floor, if this happens twice then they lose their serve
    • When serving, if a player serves the ball into (a) the floor first or (b) the sidewall/roof first, then they lose their serve