11th November, 2013 - AGM Brief

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The Camogie Club held their A.G.M on Sunday gone and throughout the course of the evening from the chairman's address to the managers reports it was all positive.
Both the Chairman & Secretary between them thanked the coaches, managers, helpers, parents & supporters for all they've done throughout the year. Special thanks were also made to our sponsors, for whom we are very grateful for their continued support. They looked back on the achievements of the club both on and off the pitch during 2013. 
During the year attendance was high and it's great to see that the players are so enthusiastic, they want to train and they want to play...long may this continue.
The Galway Senior & Intermediate camogie teams were congratulated on their success and they thanked Tony Ward and the girls for coming to the end of season party with the cups. It's always a great boost to the younger players when they get to meet players of such distinction. 
There was no treasurers report given as this is being compiled as part of the main Hurling Club AGM on the 24th. 
Each manager gave a report on their teams performance during the year and the feedback from all teams was extremely positive.
Elected club officers for 2014:
Chair: Frank Gannon, Secretary: Sharon Gannon, Assistant Treasurer: Marie Geraghty, Registrar: Michelle Moran, Development Officer: Maureen Fahy, County Board delegates: Damien Lee & Tom Feeney, North Board delegates, Mike Tarpey & Maureen Fahy.
Elected team management for 2014:
U9's: Tom Feeney, U10's: Damien Lee & Sean McGann, U12's: Mary Coleman, U14's: Caroline Rabbitte, U16's: Mike Tarpey, Junior B: Mike Tarpey & Frank Gannon.
The meeting drew to a close and the chairman once again conveyed his thanks to all for the continued support.