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Camogie Club History

There was a camogie club in Abbeyknockmoy back in the 90's but it diminished over time due to lack of coaches and other supports. However, this is not the case now thanks to the support initially given from the Camogie Association and the County Board. The initial seed was sown for a Camogie Club in Abbey, when the hurling club noticed an increase in the number of girls who were turning up for under age hurling on a Sunday morning. From there the development officers from the Camogie Association came to Abbey in Feb 2011 to help the hurling club get a camogie club up and running.
After the initial few weeks of training with the camogie association coaches some parents were brought in from the sidelines to assist with coaching and they were given the relevant training to build up their confidence in what they were doing.
Sharon Gannon was chosen as club secretary to see through the camogie clubs inaugural year under the guidance of the hurling club's executive committee & during the 1st year the club got a great boost in that the U12's were invited to Croke Park on All Ireland Final day to play in the mini-games. Specially commissioned skorts and jersey's were provided by Croke Park and over 100 supporters from Abbeyknockmoy made their way to Croke Park that day.
In 2011 the camogie club held their 1st AGM in conjunction with the hurling club AGM and from this an independent committee was formed for the Camogie Club.
Since then the club has been ticking along and each year it's seen an increase in the number of members. It's still early days yet for this club but we are hopeful that with the right level of commitment from players, coaches & parents that we'll continue to grow and that camogie will remain strong in the parish of Abbeyknockmoy.